UV Distortion Node

Hi there, Is there a specific reason for connecting all attributes from the Noise Texture to the Group Input?


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I think that the reason that the instructor did it that way, so that you have more control of the noise driving the distortion. But you could just plug in what you think you’ll need.

If you find yourself wanting to change parameters that you didn’t plug in, you can just go back into the node group and plug what you’re wanting to change into the input.


Yeah, zeRgenTa is totally right, by adding all the settings that you might want to change, you just have more control over the final UV Distortion, instead of just having a node that will always create the same distortion. The big one here is scale, you really need control over that since you may be using the node of a huge object, or a tiny object. But the other settings in the noise texture can be just as important to fine-tune the result.


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