Utterly confused

Clearly I’ve encountered an aspect of Blender I’ve never really been exposed to before - BU. I don’t get the sizing calculations given. To me, we would pick an arbritary unit that’s easy to design with, and when exporting to a different system we would indicate a relative conversion between the unit (coordinate system) we used, and a real life system. In other words, I didn’t see calculating a BU size relative to what I want to achieve - that to me would be done in the Scene properties later.

I see the point if I constantly want to export multiple objects to a different tool that unit sizing has to be consistent. But what’s the difference in using the scene properties vs. this long method? A method that has me lost in how we get to the units picked.

I love the fact that we’re told in lesson just before this that we want whole numbers - and while saying so lots of decimal numbers are being calculated and entered. In other words, I feel absolutely lost to why the numbers matter.

I did pick up the trick of knowing the size of objects to use the keyboard to quickly enter movements and scale data. I think that will come in handy for my 3D printing plans. But other than that - consider me utterly confused.

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