Using what i learned about keyframes and metaballs

as the title suggests, i had been mulling over in my head how to do this since i was introduced to metaballs and keyframing in the complete blender series. After coming back to keyframing in the creating a character series it dawned on me how to do it, this is the result of a idea that had been nagging at me.

Behold!, i have conjured Raining Goop!


Very good liquid animation, all metaballs not the fluid dynamics stuff that is in Blender but too advanced to be in the beginner course?

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yes all metaballs, there’s a fluid dynamics option?

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Yes, never tried it, Manta Flow or some such thing it uses. Upgraded to that ‘calculation’ a year or so ago I think.

very interesting, i’ll have to look into that, see if it’s easier.

Try this.

Interesting for whenever I have a need for liquids.