Using Visual Studio without Unity Installed?

I wanted to practice C# on my work laptop during breaks but it comes up with loads of errors because it doesn’t have the Unityengine directive?

Is there anyway to download it so MVS understands the Unity terms without installing Unity and opening scripts through it like in the tutorials?

Hi Jon,

You could, but I’m not sure it would be worth the effort, probably just easier to either install Unity, or, just learn C# without worrying about the Unity aspect - really depends what you want to do. If you just want to learn C# then Unity really isn’t a pre-requisite.

In order to access the API you would need to add a reference to the relevant library/libraries that are needed, you can see these by expanding the References branch in the Solution Explorer - as you will note, there are lots of them. It is these references to the libraries that give you the ability in code to access the various classes/structs that Unity provide.

(condensed list)

In order to add these references you would of course need the libraries on your computer, in order to get them on your computer you would either install Unity :thinking: or, copy them from a machine that has Unity installed, and hope that you have copied all the ones that you need in case of any inter-dependencies between them.

Personally, I think the latter sounds like an enormous headache waiting to happen. Installing Unity on the work computer would be do-able, you could make the download smaller by not including documentation, example projects, and all of the various build platform components.

As I say, it really depends what you want to achieve, if its just C#, you don’t need Unity for that, only if you want to learn the Unity API as well.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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