Using Unity Build Automation / Building for iOS

I’m inside the Mobile Unity C# developer course and got stuck because I don’t have a mac. After a half-day of research, it seems there are multiple options here to get around this but it’s not immediately clear what I should choose though I am leaning towards Unity Build Automation since it a) appears to be the lowest cost option and b) can be used to teach students other useful Unity tools.

If you don’t have a mac locally, it’s not immediately obvious that you need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program, that you need some sort of virtual mac, and that you need to use something like Test Flight to get around not having a physical connection.

Per my basic understanding it seems that you can use Unity Build Automation to get around not having a mac (or any other type of hardware) and that it can deploy to either the App Store or to Test Flight. You could combine the course with other topics that people have been asking about like unit tests and test automation so that it’s a more valuable course (not just a lesson).

I think some people will suggest to set up a virtual machine but eventually you want to deploy your game to multiple users besides yourself so you’ll be stuck again. And you’ll probably want to deploy beta builds of it before you put it on a public app store so I see this course as addressing a few good problems.

I’ve made a few suggestions in this ideas page, but this is the one I’m most interested in, since I’m genuinely stuck here without committing down what could be an expensive path.

Hello you can check this out I haven’t tried this but looks ormising

Wow this looks very promising. I scanned through the video sections and it seems to have the right topics.

In case anyone is stumbles on this thread I got my game built for ios and sent to apple via the video posted above. A few key points

  • In the post-build bash script, you need to use an app-specific password (not your the AppleID password you use to log into the developer portal.)
  • Building on cloud build is SLOW. It’s pretty rough if you’re trying to get rapid turnaround times and you run into a build error. I can build 50-100x faster on my laptop vs the cloud build times. But if you have no mac, you may not have a choice

Where have you been when I was working on my research project (It was a big group project, but unfortunately none of us had Mac, that’s why we had to choose another service to finish the project. In the beginning, we got some help from these pros and our mentor chipped in as much as he could. We did finish our research, but perhaps some of you can relate to that feeling when things don’t pan out exactly as you’d hoped.

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