Using the detail in the bottom bar?

Some courses like the RPG, the end of Unreal, and some others have a bottom bar like above. We want to keep it because it…

  • Hides our ugly start bar / dock
  • Makes things more consistent Mac / PC
  • Can provide useful information

My question is, do you use the fact it changes to scrub videos, or would you mind if it just said the lecture name throughout?

  • Keep making the effort to show the lecture part description
  • Simplify it to just a static lecture name, I don’t use it

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Thansk so much!

So I’m thinking we move to the much simpler static Unique Video Reference (UVR) plus lecture name at the bottom like this…

@moderators, @admins and @TeachingAssistants what do you think?


Easy to follow and read to me :slight_smile:

Honestly prefer the chapter version. like originally stated. It would help students who revist lectures. Also that UVR code reuins the clean look :stuck_out_tongue:

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The chapters thing is a significant production overhead, and we’re thinking of breaking lectures down further anyway. For example a single lecture that may have been Adding A Player Energy Bar would now cover Extension By Composition in one lecture, as the abstract concept then another video Add A Player Energy Bar would follow with the challenge. Both videos would be about 10mins long.

The above should basically remove the requirement for indexing the video. You’re right it’s ugly though, we’ll simply remove the UVR from the bottom bar.

Thanks Dan for speaking up.

Sorry i missed this as i was away yesterday unavoidably.
I agree with Dan that i prefer the chapter version mainly though because the other format just makes it more confusing.
I think the last post breaking videos down with displaying those as chapter names will really help quick referencing to find the subject you need a refresher on.

Sorry for the late feedback on this Ben

No worries, thanks for the feedback Mark.

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