Using "Polycut" instead of "Subtractive" in Unreal 5

Hi everyone just thought this might be handy for those of us working in Unreal 5.

But if you can’t find “subtractive” in the geometry panel:


Then a alternative is to use “polycut” in the modeling editing mode.

First from my experience you need to turn your Box Brushes into Static Mesh Objects. (As far as I can tell PolyCuts Only works with Static Mesh Objects.

When you open the modeling toolbar go to “TriModel” → “PolyCut”, having your E.g. Maze selected.

Select “Draw Polygon” in the “Modeling” Tab that pops up after use selected “PolyCuts”.


A grid will pop up on your maze static mesh object and from here i drew the square is in the lecture.


From here is just pressing the “Accept” seen in the previous (Img: 5) and there you go!

I’m relativity new to the Unreal engine so if there is a easier way feel free to post it :slight_smile:

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Wanted to mention after more experimenting but when your cutting your custom shapes using polycut you can drag the polycut transform to the area you want to cut to prevent it from cutting a hole in the center randomly as seen in Img 5. Then just Draw your shape to cut.