Using OneDrive for source control?

I would like to do the tutorials both on my work and home computer (Unreal development is part of my job) and so would like to source control, as well as the entire Unreal Project to be shared (up until completion where it will be stored on my home PC). I can get 50GB of onedrive space for $2/month which should be more than enough.

Will I run into any issues with this process or do you think it should be fine?

Why don’t you use Git-Hub?

I didn’t know it worked that way. I like having the cloud folder show up in windows explorer, does github do that as well? I should rephrase Ill still be using source tree but the folder will be stored on onedrive not locally.

If you push your commit on the remote GIT-hub then you can pull the project from the other machine and continue to use source tree to commit, push and pull your project, on the plus side you will be able to understand the process of source controlled projects. Can be trickier at first but useful on the long run, especially for your education!

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