Using NEW Unity First Person Controller

Hey everyone,

The asset in this video is a legacy item now and is no longer supported. If you are using a newer version of unity, and want practice using the new input system, you can get the new first person controller from unity here: Unity First Person Contoller Starter Asset


Thank you! However, this camera doesn’t look up and down without some setup, first. For those reading this in the future, if you want the quick and easy way to start, use the “Playground” scene included with the package as a basis for the game, as the first person camera functions as it should in that sample.

If you want to get more into the new Unity starter assets I found some great tutorials / overviews on YouTube. Just search Unity Starter Assets.

So there’s one sneaky thing about using the new FPS controller, if you import the three prefabs individually, (MainCamera, PlayerCapsule, and PlayerFollowCamera) you’ll need to add a reference to the PlayerCameraRoot (Which is a child of the PlayerCapsule) in the PlayerFollowCamera object, in the CinemachineVirtualCamera component under ‘Follow’.

Alternatively, you can drag in the “NestedParent_Unpack” prefab, right click and unpack, then delete the UI_Canvas_StarterAssetInputs_Joysticks, and UI_EventSystem child prefabs. Those two are just used for touch screen controls so they’re not necessary, and the reference override will be already applied for you :slight_smile: