Using my knowledge from the Unreal course I create a real live (simple) game!

After doing the unreal engine C++ course I started a game studio called SuperDizzy (just me at the moment) and created a simple game as a learning experience to understand what it takes to go from an idea to having a mobile game on the app store.

You can check out the game here - SuperColorBreak

It was an amazing learning experience that really complimented the course. I also used the Complete Blender Creator course.

Please let me know what you think of the game or if you have any questions I would be happy to answer. I hope this is ok to post here and I have not broken any rules in doing so - apologies if I have.

I am now knee deep in the Unity 2D course as I think Unreal Engine might not have been the best engine to use for a simple mobile game but as you can see, it did the job. What do you think? :grinning:

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This is impressive, you are inspirational my friend.
Very curious to hear about your idea generation process…? I’m about to finish the unreal course myself very soon (just a dozen videos left or less) and trying to figure out how to dive into a game dev process but kind of need to decide what to create! Any other learning resources you used? Curious to know about your background? Had you ever done coding before, or game development with other tools?

At some point may inquire about your process posting an app on Apple (but I feel like I’m many many months - years even? - away from that!)

Thanks VT. I started this game as a prototype to test out what I had learnt, not really sure where the idea came from. I didn’t use any particular process to come up with it. My background is software developer although I had not been hands on for a few years before starting this project so a bit rusty, no previous game development.

Compiling and submitting builds for Apple app store and Google play can be challenging but don’t give up :blush:

In game advertising was also a big learning curve for me.

Well done on getting through the Unreal course.

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