Using knife bisect tool

Whenever I try to use the knife bisect tool when left-clicking my mouse I get a delete pop-up window. It’s annoying and I can’t seem to figure out how to reconfigure my system to correct this. I’ve gotten lost in the preferences settings under keymap, input, etc., and can’t get this to work like it does in the videos. Anyone know how I can fix this?

This happens at any point I’m trying to use the tool. So, it happens whenever I try to cut a mesh in any of the exercises. So, I’m certain it has something to do with the keymapping, or preferences…

Thanks so much!

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Blender version?

  • With preferences you can change hotkeys.
  • Delete Blender and reinstall (don’t use old preferences when asked).
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I’m using 3.4.1, the latest. I’ll un and reinstall and let you know. Thanks.

Actually, it’s not the latest as 3.5.1 has been released…

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Sometimes, external software (like NVidea) changes keys, which influences Blender.

I’ve checked. I’m using 3.5.1 also, no problems found.
Check preferences > KeyMap > user Interface.

I reinstalled and it works perfectly. Thanks for your help and quick response.

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