Using Intellisense to search for methods requires proper header

In the Unreal C++ course Ben frequently uses Intellisense to browse the available methods. That’s fine, but it requires the associated .h (header) file to be included in the .cpp file.

The remedy is either include all .h files in every .cpp, which should negatively effect compile times or read the documentation.

Not a big deal, but I did spend 24 hours fumbling with Intellisense trying to get it to display the hints. Nothing other than including the proper .h will fix it.

Yeah, Epic needs to make something else available to fix that. They should have done it when they changed things but they don’t really care that much.

Someone else pointed out that there’s a plugin available for Visual Studio that does it. You can search for it, I’m not (not going into that) =)

Thanks for the reply. In essence it’s a start up issue. Once you’re up and rolling, you know the lay of the land so to speak and what methods and properties you need to manipulate.

I wish it was as simple as you make it sound. Epic broke Intellisense when they switched to each person having to manually look up headers. Its not a startup issue, just a pain in the butt broken Intellisense (worse IDE as a result). In 2019 shouldn’t have to manually look up headers. Manually looking up stuff in the documentation outside of the IDE is party like its 1999.

I’m going to rephrase that. They didn’t break it but they changed everything from being included so that you have to look up each header when needed. The IDE should be able to auto add the header based on the class and function. We shouldn’t have to manually do that in 2019.

Thanks. I understand. It breaks the searching in intellisense, a core feature promoted by the class author.

The trade off was faster compile times.

Can we make our own global header for development?

I believe you just include engine.h but you may need to confirm that was the one. Its just not recommended which is contradictory to the way it was but that’s they way of it :joy:

The course teaches you to look up the headers so as long as you can do that on your own then its up to you to do as you see fit. If you can’t then you may have to or want to at some point.