Using GitHub for more advanced repos and organization

I am currently going through the Get Git Smart course with GitHub and SourceTree for Unity.

I know that course can be used with other software like unreal and blender.

But I have a question in regards to the details of using GitHub in a more advanced way down the line.

I have not completed the current course at this time so I don’t know yet if this is discussed but I am wondering on ways to setup repos that can be seem like it’s own main master repo, then inside the repo you made you have a selection of different repos or storing files and data of either different projects that are stored together under this one mega repo for organization.

Would this be an idea or something we can dive further into for learning more on Git and SourceTree with GitHub or would other software be better with this idea?

Attached here is a drawing of the idea that I have in mind. Now to me it makes sense for organization to Control where project repos are stored and how they are kept.

With the use of shared projects as well, could this idea work but have it so that even with shared repos the shared projects could be with different people as well but only have access to the specific repos they are shared with.

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