Using GameObject instead of ParticleSystem

In this lecture Rick is referencing the explosion Particle effect as a GameObject instead of ParticleSystem as we done before, he does not mention why, but there is a tecnical and very important reason why he does that, or it is just to show off that you can reference something as a more generic class like GameObject and it works just fine?

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Hi! It’s probably the latter.

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Surely if i will use ParticleSystem instead of GameObject nothing bad will happens, right? RIGHT? :rofl:

Well, it depends, maybe Rick will use the GameObject reference at some point, so you’ll have to slightly modify your code if you go for ParticleSystem instead, but if I remember correctly, there shouldn’t be any major issue.

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Finger crossed, i got screwed many times that i can now almost sense when Rick does something cheeky without telling us the intricate reason under the hood (i can count a bunch in this project :rofl:)

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