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I am working on my own inspired by this tutorial. Is there a different way to get same effects using some other tool maybe? I am working with different assets that have Skinned Mesh Renderer and base spine.
What would be the best approach to these? Just use Mesh’s parts?

Sounds like you want to blow people apart since it’s usually characters that have skinned meshes and spines. This would be a little different because a skinned mesh renderer is usually still just one mesh.

One thing you could do is something similar to the ragdoll and make a separate prefab, but this one will have to contain each limb/body part as a separate mesh with a rigidbody, etc. Arrange them to look like your character and then you’d have to apply a force to each limb based on the position of the explosion, etc. when you switch to this prefab (the same way we switched to the ragdoll)

If you don’t have limbs/body parts, another option would be to add the character model for each body part you want and then scale all the other bones to (0,0,0) so that only that part remains, eg. for the left arm you’d add the character and scale all the bones except the left arm to (0,0,0). Repeat for the other parts. It’s probably not a recommended way if you want lots of parts to fly around. I have used this method to remove a character’s hat when he falls, but I’m not sure how that would go down with 2 arms, 2 legs, a head and a torso…

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if you’re blowing people apart, consider having a look at RayFire (not sponsored, just trying to help out). It’s an expensive asset, but it’s military-grade scripts. The only problem is, there’s a ton to learn, but the developers are supportive as well

or just import the models to blender, cell-fracture them, re-import them to Unity and develop a fracturing script (I have one lying around if you want it)

Personally, I’d go with the second approach until I find a strong reason to want to go with RayFire

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No I am actually trying to blow up a crate, it is just a different one with only 2 components in the spine for open and close animations and it is a mesh with skin renderer so I was wondering what would be the best option to go. I might try to cut it out in blender but I was hoping there is some other asset maybe because this one (from this lesson) wont let me chop this up and I am afraid to experiment with it :slight_smile: Anyway, thank you for your time. Will figure something up…

In this case, the best approach is to export the FBX to Blender and chop it up. Recreate it in a prefab with all the parts joined properly and then when it’s time to break it up, turn on the colliders and Rigidbodies and apply some fun force.

I don’t know why on earth will a crate need skinned mesh rendering, but yeah… your best bet is to ‘Cell Fracture’ that crate in blender (for that to work, you’ll need to export the “.FBX” file, not the “.Prefab” one, and re-apply the material when you re-import the file), and place it in a script that holds the part as an instantiation point if it gets destroyed. In other words, if it gets destroyed, you delete the working one and instantiate the fractured box, and that will have physics applied to it to split it up, giving you the explosion effect you seek

I will do that but prob in a later stage of development. It is not my core just something that would be nice to have and still got a lot more to implement. Thanks guys for the support! You are awesome!

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