User Story - Answering reviews


Hi everyone,

With my colleagues we have submitted an article to a conference. The paper presents a method that we designed. My project for the finish it! course consists in writting a follow-up article. This week, we have received the comments about our article from reviewers, and we need to answer them and clarify some aspects. So my work this week consists mainly in writting the answer and preparing the follow-up (I work 5 days on it, and 2 days are off).

My tasks are:

  • Day1: write a first draft of the answers
  • Day2: finish a first publishable version of the answers
  • Day3: redo 1 experiment that did not make it in the papers due to lack of time
  • Day4: read and run the parts of the code made by my colleagues (that I did not do before for lack of time)
  • Day5: Write a 1 page report presenting an improvement opportunity that was discussed in a previous meeting

Rewritten as a user story, it becomes:

  • Day 1: My colleagues have a draft of answers that we can discuss
  • Day 2: My colleague and I have a draf that we can polish together and send
  • Day 3: Ian obtains new results for a possible follow-up work
  • Day 4: Ian can use and explain his colleague code and discuss improvement possibilities
  • Day 5: Ian can present in more detail an opportunity of improvement, that was previously just a brainstormed idea


Thanks for sharing Ian!