Upper arm and parenting problem

Every time I parent the bone to the upper arm, the upper arm flies out of position for some reason. Obviously I’ve missed a step or a connection or something… anyone???

Animated-Lamp_1.13.blend (1.3 MB)

What I did in your example, is just align your Arm Single object, with the bone Arm Dual Bone.001
Just grab and move Arm Single to position it exactly at the rotation point.

Problem in this lesson is to keep track of the object pivot point. Which can be shifted, replaced when you do an apply rotation and scale on the wrong moment.

There is nothing wrong with your setup. only the aligment, with the bone, is shifted. So shift it back to the correct position. I did it by roughly grabbing moving to the richt spot.

A trick I sometimes do.

You could change the pivot point of your Arm Single object using 3d cursor.
for exact alignment.

Say you pick a vertex (or two, three … depending on your needs). Set 3D cursor on that spot (Shift+s -> Cursor to selected), go out of edit mode. Menu Object -> Set Origin -> Origin to 3D cursor.
In this way you can visualize your rotation of your object.

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