Upgrading Battle Tank Game issues

Hey all,

I’ve run into a couple of issues while attempting to upgrading battle tanks. For starters I attempted to make the newly assembled tank I’ve gotten (from some website) aim towards the player tank but it refuses to do so.

I’ve attempted to debug the situation be leaving the body and adding the turret and barrel of the other tank and it seemed to work perfectly. When I remove either the barrel or turret and add the other mesh it breaks again. The tank simply refuses to look and moves to the rightmost angle (but is then stopped because of the clamp).

Many of the other functionalities do not seem to be working either, such as moving and firing, all in due time though first I’d like to fix the aiming component of the newly assembles tank. Does anyone have any idea as to what the problem is ?

I’m pretty sure its something wrong with the imported mesh. I receive this error of the message log in the FBX Import tab
Hover_Tank_OBJ has some nearly zero bi-normals which can create some issues. (Tolerance of 1E-4)

So the aim offset is of, the turret does not aim where the mouse is pointed rather to the around 45 degrees to the right of where you point. Not sure whats causing this. @ben any idea what the issue could be ? Getting pretty frustrated been trying to solve this issue for a couple of days now.

@DanM are you able to help out here, if not @sampattuzzi can you dive in?

Probably better suited for @Marc_Carlyon

Update 1:

I’ve decided to continue on with the course in the hopes that I’ll be able to pick up something to resolve the issue and noticed that during one of the videos the axis for firing projectile was incorrect. It immediately hit me that the same issue may be occurring on the tank. I launched the project and checked and it turns out that the mesh was created in Maya and its forward vector is Y, I’m attempting to resolve the issue right now and will update if anything changes.


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Hi Ghetto,

As i read though this thread i wondered if the issue was a problem as the original tank was made in Maya.
I havent been in unreal engine for a long time but i do remember reading about sometimes that mayas fbx going to unreal can get corrupted.
So additional to the models vectors being incorrect you may be facing some issues with the fix.

Now i dont know maya either unfortunately as i know blender but it might be that you need to export with the below settings as well in Maya.

Smoothing groups enabled, Split per-vertex normals disabled, Tangents and Binormals Enabled, Triangulate enabled.

There was another google reference to the boxes causing issues and remaking them. I assume this means colliders but then i would hazard a guess the model would be pushing itself apart rather than not working.

Hope this gives you another thread to pull on :slight_smile:

Update 2:

After constantly jumping between project I’ve finally decided to settle down and work on the battle tank game again. I’ve managed to my the tank aiming functionality and firing work properly.

Now for moving, I think I know what the problem is, but cant seem to reach any creative solution to deal with it. I need a track that is in contact with the ground in order for it to move, at first I wanted the enemy tanks to hover but decided against it. Only the main player can hover and jump really high with the tank (making the player feel extra strong).

So I tried adding a normal track (from the tank mesh) and making sure that it was in contact with the ground but that did not seem to work, then I thought that maybe I should change the body itself into the tracks (but I’m sure that would cause a lot of issues), and finally I tried to import the tank so it was a levitating in order to place 2 small unnoticeable object that will act as tracks under it, but the tank does not want to move its transform in the mesh editor.
I’d like to use the current architect of the tank for enemies. Any ideas as to how I can achieve this ?

We actually switch out the whole track system at the end of the section for a suspension system that would be perfect for a floating tank. Check it out.

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