UPDATED - Orc Completed! Rigged and Animated

Just some progress pics. This character is taking a LONG time to create but I’m having a really good time with it. I just need to finish detailing the hands and then see if I want to use any stencils for more details. The feet I’m not going to bother with more detail because I’m going to be placing them into boots. Before I start to add clothing/armor, I may further stylize him and simplify. He kind of took on the life of the references I used so he’s more realistic looking than I had originally planned.


Wow, this thing is absolutely amazing! the details you got in that are awesome! Very well done! blows mine out of the water! :joy: though I gots to say, mine has a juicier albeit totally unrealistic donk :rofl: I got a little carried away and it was bringing me way to much amusement being such a adult sized child about it.


I believe sir-mix-a-lot would definitely categorize that as a big butt :joy:. From the, er, rear, your sculpt looks great and it is super clean - something I struggle with.


This looks great. The Orc must be hitting the gym 8 days in a week

Thank you for the kind words. Now I can’t get the Beatles out of my head :rofl:.

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Almost done sculpting this guy. Good gravy I have no idea how I’m going to retopologize this behemoth! I’m just going to do my best to follow Grant’s tutorials :smile:


Hehe retopo is so exhausting. But it’s a really nice way to learn about topology.

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Great looking Character.

Thank you! I feel like he could have been a He-Man action figure from my youth :rofl:.


After countless hours and weighing in at 13 million faces (:astonished:), the sculpt of my orc character is completed. Now, I’m off to retopologize.


Looks amazing ^^

Finished painting the low-poly orc. Cannot wait to rig this and see him come to life with some Mixamo animations :smiley: .


Alright! I finally got Mixamo and my orc to play nice together. Orc could really use some weight paint adjustments and there are things I will do differently in the future:

  1. Either model in T-pose or a much higher A-pose - stretching under his arms is pretty bad.
  2. Clothing objects need to be modeled as one mesh (or later combined together) to avoid them breaking apart - trying to get the weight paints to match perfectly is really difficult. So the belt and fur sections separate a lot!
  3. Extra objects like straps on boots need to be modeled onto the boot, not as separate objects or simply painted onto the textures - this would avoid a lot of weight paint headaches.
  4. For hands and head, manual retopologize to ensure that fingers operate properly and the face can be rigged for animation (didn’t worry about the face this go-around). There are some really nice free (Instant Meshes Remesh https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes) and pay addons (Quad Remesher Quad Remesher - Auto Retopology - EXOSIDE) for Blender that do a good job of basic retopology with good flow but not perfect for hands and faces.
  5. Be aware of the rotation of your bones. I had problems with my model and mixamo - Mixamo didn’t want to import my model, neither as a OBJ nor FBX. So I created my own rig and then retargeted the Mixamo rig/animation onto mine in Blender. This introduced some weird issues with the arms - when I tried to map an action onto my rig, the arms and hands wigged out and I had a hard time trying to figure out why this was - they appeared to be mapped backwards. Here are some tools I used to resolve my rig issues:
    Rokoko Blender Plugin - this is a MUST for retargeting - works SO WELL and made my life much easier: https://support.rokoko.com/hc/en-us/articles/4410463492241-Install-the-Blender-plugin
    Cats-Plugin: https://github.com/absolute-quantum/cats-blender-plugin
    This plugin was designed for prepping models for VR chat apps but it is great for fixing bone rotations and for cleanly decimating models to lower their poly count. I was able to bring my orc tris down by half and retain the UV mapping and bones weight painting with this plugin.

Hope these help others out there!


This looks really good!

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This is great. Even though there are some issues, the animation looks great.

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This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing all the progress images, I find it very interesting and informative!

Lok’tar! Great job!

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