Updated Head with Mid Level Details

Full project updates can be viewed at my repo.

This lesson went well. In the render he looks a bit happy, even though I did turn down the ends of his mouth. I may need to adjust that more. Finally got the hang of formatting the ears. There is hope for me yet. I will just need to do studies of each body part that I will be working on. Guess that means becoming an artist.


If you really want to learn the skills and continue improving, the best advice I can gave give you as an artist is to practice. Over and over again. Pick and area where your skill needs work and do some studies. Research the anatomy, shape, and techniques others use. Then focus on that one thing. For example, say you struggle with ears. Then sculpt just ears for a few hours. Maybe just on the side of a sphere. Once you finish one, start another from scratch.

I used to do this with my drawing and painting. I’d just draw an ear over and over again. In different angles and different shaped ears. Studying how it looked from different angles and different lighting.

The most important thing is to practice, and to stay in practice. It’s surprising sometimes how quick skills can dull if not exercised regularly.

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