UPDATE: My Project Boost - Mulitplayer

Hello everyone! I put together a 5 level boost game, with a little additional challenge in the form of treasure orbs! Right now the treasure is completely cosmetic. You can collect the orbs but they aren’t required to advance to the next stage. Anyhow, let me know what you think about the addition. I think I’ll keep building this game out (as much as I can with my beginner’s knowledge haha) until the next section is underway. Thank you in advance for checking it out!



i like the level indicator. Whow, thrust for main engine and steering is much more than in my version of Project Boost…

Second level is really hard - did not get it so far. May be the curve of increasing difficulty should be less steep? (May be, i’m to bad as an astronaut :wink: )

Thank you for trying out my game! You’re right, the difficulty has almost no curve and ramps up immediately haha. I got sidetracked working on new features (currently added local 2 player multiplayer and respawning) and experimenting with coding. But perhaps I should go back and rework the levels and difficulty. Thanks again for the feedback!

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I’ve updated my game to include two-player local multiplayer and a scoreboard! Seriously! Challenge a friend, make it into a drinking game, get mad and storm out because you can’t fly the ship! Above all, have fun and let me know what you think. What’s your high score?

Blue rocket controls are the same:
Space - boost
A - rotate left
D - rotate right

Green rocket controls:
numpad plus - boost
left arrow - rotate left
right arrow - rotate right

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Looks awesome

I could copy-paste Straesso’s comment practically word for word.

While the second level is hard, the third is insane :skull: :smile:
I wish i’ve made it to level 4, just to see if the levelsign is a “IV” or just a “IIII” :grin:

Nice job - took me a couple tries, but i was able to beat all the levels! i think the trick with this is lots of little thrust tapping to control the ship since it’s so responsive.

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