Update 2 - Esiankiki

Progress so far. Feedback always welcome. Next → Clothing :slight_smile:


Professional grade work. :+1:

The only suggestion I can think of isn’t even really necessary, it depends upon the style your going for. The character has a perfect mix of stylized as well as a sense of realism. If you wanted to go full realism, all you’d need is a small degree of bumps that the surface of the skin has. In this image, where the sharp shine of the light hits the face, small bumps (or normals) would make the face pop. This effect wouldn’t take long to accomplish either.

However, if your going for stylized character (like an animated show art style) I think it’s animation ready.

Regardless of my suggestion, this is impressive work and an excellent portfolio piece. :tada:


Thank you. I could go for realism at this point but I like the stylized look. I might try adding bumps just to see how it looks.

I mostly make stylized characters since I love the art style.
Thanks for the suggestion.:slightly_smiling_face:

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