Unwrapped orc

Here is my orc unwrapped for 4k texture

I chose to unwrap clothing & armor on a separate 2k texture:

It sometimes gets quite puzzling to find appropriate seams…
Did not spend as much time as for previous sections but I guess I’ll see clearly my mistakes during painting stage :man_shrugging:


Interesting clothing color for this Orc, almost looked like a designer type of clothing set at first glance, especially with the boots, great work highlighting muscle in the body as well, great work!


I wouldn’t worry about seams too much, they all look good anyway.

In the past, it mattered more because we would have to align textures over the UVs manually in an image editor and the seams would always be visible to some degree so putting them in places where the player wouldn’t look often was important.

With a more modern workflow where we paint the textures on or use software like Substance to project them the seams are practically the things of the past since the textures will be automatically blended between them. All that really matters is that you have enough seams that there is no stretching or resolution mismatch, though in some cases reserving more texture space for the head/face is desirable.

As a sidenote, there isn’t much point in having clothing be lower res than the body since you’d view them from the same distance and hence expect the same level of fidelity from both.

Just settle for the highest resolution texture you expect to use in your project and use that. It’s easy enough to downscale, much harder to upscale.


Well, thank you very much @Geth270 for the explanation and advice, it is much appreciated.
I may change texture res accordingly and will sure keep that in mind for next projects.

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