Unwrap uv then copy modifiers

hi everybody. i find here a problem… i am making the enviroment artist course. and in the lesson simple unwrap its said, to first make single user out of linked object, then unwrap and put the texture. till there is everything fine.
but then he said to copy modifiers and link the other stones again. but when i do this, the bevel modifier gets deleted and the edges are very sharp again…

what am i missing? am i doing something wrong? in the video it seems easy and it did work.
i am greatfull for some advice.

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No not copy modifiers, copy Object data. Copying the applied modifier ‘result’ from the one used to unwrap.


NP5 you are a legend. once more you helped me out of of my trubble! thank you!

i am not shure i understan what you are writing. but it worked!
first link material, and then copy modifiers.0

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