Unwarp monkey head - with vs without seams from islands

When selecting the seams, then deleting the UV map, and then adding a new one, it works as shown in the video

However, after clearing the seams, deleting the UV map, and unwrapping again, I get this:

Q1: Why is this?

Using Smart UV project, I get this:

Q2: What do you do when you don’t have an UV map in the first place? Or seams?


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Because you’ve deleted the seams and therefore the markers where the mesh is cut to make it suitable for 2D flatness (unwrapping).

You create them on your own, by marking seams as edges on strategic places.

  • Place them on stop not seen easily by the viewer.
  • When stretching (uv) occurs.

Just follow the course.

Have fun!


UVs are really simple. They are like card models we all probably made as children. Cut out the flat bit of card, fold it up, and it makes a 3D object. Seams in Blender mark on the 3D model where the cut lines need to go, so that it can lay flat on a page.
No seams, or not enough, or in the right places, and it dose snot work.

Smart UV unwrap works but tends to play very safe and makes a lot of separate islands.


Thx. It’s like in the post of another participant - jumping ahead, before Grant explains it. No wonder he always says “we’ll come to this later” :smiley:


Thx. Makes sense. And yes, UV’s are amazingly simple. :smiley:


The next lecture actually talks about this … I’m dead :rofl:


Rule of courses, watch it through once then watch it through and do it at the same time.:grin:


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