this chapter i did not like… at all. since retopology startedi dont like anymore. i guess my model became to much detailed and now i m struggeling with the rest. i am not shure, if this way of retopology is realy more quick… maybe it is, but laer comes the part of unwraping and the mesh needs to be3 adjusted. all this took me sooo freaking long.
in the last part, grant tells us about checking for overlaps. seems like i have some. but i dont know what to do about… how important are stretches and overlaps? what happens if there are stretches? i have some, but they are in not good visible places, so i just leave them, hoping they will later not make problems…

the marked are overlaps…


Too much detail is not the issue. I would guess that I also got quite detailed with my Ogre and didn’t have huge issues in this part (aside from baking, ugh). Retopology and UV unwrapping is just tedious process… I know people that enjoy it, but I personally hate it.

Stretching might cause issues during painting and even afterwards in game engine it might look distorted (even if Blender will not show that). The amount of stretching you are showing should be OK though… I think that in Blender version that Grant used the stretching colors worked differently. Just to give you an idea, here are UV’s for Ogre that Grant made and the amount of stretching he has as displayed by Blender 3.1.2:

(his Ogre can be downloaded in lecture 106 on udemy)

Check overlapping areas in face mode - what faces are overlapping with what. While painting you will have the same color in those areas. If those are different objects that might be big issue (e.g., part of UV of body overlapping with part of horn or cloth). Sometimes you do want to have things overlapping (for example if you have let’s say 3 rings that should/can look the same - you can save UV space and put their UV island right on top of each other).


Thank you BobAn.
that sounds good. i actually thought the color setting in the blender version is different…
because i will not use this model for game engine or anything, i feel now that i just let it be like this. and when i do other models, i will take care from the beginning…