Untiy 5.6

I it said for me to download unity 5.6 but ben is using just 5 and it looks different, do i need to change?

Also is this a mobile game and is Zombie runner fps a mobile game?

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HI Gazza,

Now that you have got to the stage of upgrading Unity, there really isn’t much reason to not just get the last 2017 version. As mentioned before, the API differences are documented in lecture 8 of the course under Resources and can also be found here;

With regards to the two games, not specifically in these sections no.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Lecture 8. :wink:

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Really! It’s moved again… oof… I’ve quoted its location in a few posts recently too…

Updated Sun Apr 29 2018 20:14

All of which have now been udpated! :slight_smile:

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