Unreal4.22.x unavailable from Epic

I had decided to go back through Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games after a bit of a pause. Unfortunately, after installing VS2019, I moved along to getting the UE4.22.x, only to find that it is already unavailable from the UE launcher’s library. The nearest options are 4.21.2 and 4.24.1. This is as of 12/26/2019. Any advice towards what my best option should be would be greatly appreciated! Am installing 4.24 now, literally, and have 4.20 as my current working engine. Is attempting the updated course with 4.24 a viable option?

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I don’t think you will encounter any issues at all, but are you sure it is not there?
I can see it normally…

Isn’t that a list of the engines that you have already?
Screenshot (1)|690x389
These are the engines that epic is currently offering for download. (so far as I can tell)

Thanks for the quick response tho!

No, I just clicked the “+” button right to “ENGINE VERSIONS”, this adds a new field from which you can pick which version of the engine you want to download. The one you showed me is actually the list of versions you already have.

Anytime :wink:

Bwhahaha!!! You sir, are a Hero!

Thanks again!

I totally missed that drop down menu.

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