Unreal VR Dev Course Sale(?)

Hi guys!

I’ve enrolled in and completed the Complete Unity 3D and C# Developer course and am looking into Unreal now. On the Udemy app, I see the promo price for the Unreal VR Dev course as $12.99, but when I go to checkout, it shows $99.99.

Also- I am looking to do the Complete Unreal and C++ course to prepare for the VR course, but was wondering if there were any promo codes available?


Think this is one for @ben or @Lucy_Becker?

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Hey Dan!

As weird as this is, it may be a question for Udemy. It might have been a bug.

However, the day after this sale ended, another sale started that included the Unreal C++ Developer course!

Thank you,

Yeah Udemy can be a bit buggy like that sometimes!

Always feel free to email me (lucy@GameDev.tv) and I can send you our latest course discounts or…

Join us over at GameDev.tv/subscribe and we’ll send you a welcome email with discounts to all our courses AND we’ll let you know when we launch new ones - marketing bit over now :slight_smile:

Enjoy C++


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