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Im not sure if i have to use the version 4.22 or 4.25 im begining the simple shooter lesson and he is using 4.25 and for all of this sections y used 4.22 and a wanted to used all of the components that i created on just one project but im not sure if that would be possiblye if i use the 4.25 so im not sure if i can us 4.22 so does anyone know which version would be better or i can used both versions and migrate the components to another without so much trouble

There should be no difference. It was pointed out that it was originally said 4.22 was going to be used for the entire course and some people would rather not install another version.

However Sam started with 4.25 and maps aren’t backwards compatible so he just created a 4.22 compatible version. Come to think of it only a 4.22 version could be be provided as that should still work in 4.25 as they are generally forwards compatible.

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