Unreal Stealth Course - what can be achieved

Just thought I’d share this video as I’ve spent the last 2 weeks taking what Gorka taught in the stealth course and taking it a step further with free assets in the marketplace and other sites. all assets are listed in the video. Please note, one is no longer free but I have it so used it. I am not promoting any of these assets but you can do amazing things with a bit of time.


I saw this just now, it looks amazing, I made a big maze from it, if you have time you could check it out, it would be amazing, having your feedback

Thanks in advance.

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I like it. The voices are a nice touch. Now, to improve, add some unique mechanic to it. I added a door in mine which the player can interact, perhaps a rock wall that moves down to let you pass when you press a hidden stone or something.

Well done.

Thanks for the feedback, already working on another level, I want to expand the game with a level system, and as you said adding new mechanics will be essential.

I did think of hidden walls, maybe elevating ground and also teleportation.

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