Unreal Learning Kit: Games Not Available

The required pack is no longer available: Unreal Learning Kit: Games in UE Online Learning - UE Marketplace

Kia ora,

Looks like the “exact” original may not exist but I believe the Unreal Learning Kit that is available on the marketplace is the same one. Looks the same to me. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is the same and even contains some robotic assets.
Although when converting to 5.0.1 one texture does not convert succesfully, I replaced that one with the one from the gitlab project (where you can also get the assets from)

I was able to find it just by searching the marketplace for “Unreal Learning Kit”.

**We can Serch another Asset Name : UE5 Early Access **
They are the same Asset

,but different Name just.
I wish more can see this information


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