Unreal Launcher in Linux

Hello everyone.

I am very new to Unreal Engine, I have successfully installed in Linux, but is there a way to install the Launcher, I want to add assets from Unreal site but when trying to download assets I need the launcher.

Has anyone installed the launcher in Linux.

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t exist unfortunately. Sorry.

Hi DanM
Thank you for your answer, if there is no launcher, what is the procedure to add assets from marketplace in Linux, I havent been able to do that. When I want to download from epics site, I get the message “There is no application/handler”

Thank you

Sorry, I haven’t used plugins on Linux and don’t have a setup to test this however, I would imagine you would need to do everything manually.

Is there a zip or something to download? Because you would need to put that in Unreal’s plugin folder.

Yes, I am also a linux user. There are two valid paths forward for exclusively using Linux to access market-place content:

  1. wine - This entry describes the process. Basically, wine supports the EGL nowadays for all functions except build patch prerequisite checking - which can be disabled via a command-line parameter when launching the launcher. Interestingly, the unreal editor itself also runs under wine, allowing you to add content to your projects directly through the EGL.
  2. Allar is a JS implementation of a marketplace downloader utility.

Lutris is the only way to go here :slight_smile:

Works great for the launcher and you can play games. Epic is also leaning to Lutris if you will as the way to go. They’re good with it.