Unreal Environment Immersiveness

I haven’t seen this idea post on the Course Ideas forum section, but I would love to see an Unreal course with the following

  • Learn the use of the particle system creating many simple to more intermediate particle effects such as creating your own smoke/fog or even making your own snow storm effect! rain/snow perhaps even creating a storm all together with lighting falling leaves in a forest area.

  • Learning ways of putting sound into your game. like a buzzing sound when you turn on a light in a room. or sounds coming from a door being knocked on and putting music in your levels to make you feel more intense while you’re inside your level these sorts of things will help make our games that we learn from the UE4 courses feel so much more complete and not feel so alone in the world

  • adding a section with how lighting works because just like sound lighting is also, so very important in our games.

These are 3 major things that helps games feel much more Immersive when we play them.
The reason why I would love to see this in the UE4 course rather than the Unity course is because UE4 already has such a great tool set for these and feel much more complete than what Unity has already currently (not saying Unity doesn’t have a great tool set on these features on creating an amazing environment but you have to work a bit harder to achieve what UE4 can already bring to you already out of the box) I believe creating a much more immersive environment is just as important as the code we write for our games.

I really like this idea. It bugs me that most games think “rain” is just a cylindrical sprite that follows the player around. I would love to get in-depth on weather and environmental sounds, even more than just the sounds listed by WhisperFox. Things like small breezes, leaves rustling, really getting into the world.

I therefore second this idea, and would use all of my votes for it if I could :smiley:

Thanks @Dyego_Alehandro, I believe this is over looked a lot by many developers not just beginners that are just starting out, but many other Indie developers as well. Most people who are starting out and wanting to learn how to code and make a game are moreorless “SHOW ME THE CODE” type, and less . . how can I make myself feel more Immersive in my game and make it seem beautiful not with just visuals but with lighting and sound most things people always over look.

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