Unreal Environment Design course

Hi guys
I am passing the course Unreal Environment Design and I got a bit stuck on changing character
especially with replacing nodes. Author was mentioned nodes (Input turn right/left, Input movement) does not exist
My version UE 5.2.1
Please help me) I’ve attached screenshot

Thank you in advance!

With newer versions of UE5, the input setup for new projects has changed to use Enhanced Input instead of the input in Project Settings.

With Enhanced Input, the input events would be replaced with Input Actions. Usually named in the form of IA_NameOfAction

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Thank you for replying)
I will try

Is there anyway you can post a video on how to use the new IA system so I can use the new character in the game? I’m trying the method of reading Unreal Engine on how to use the new IA system but I’m getting more confused haha

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