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So, I have both 5.1.1 and 5.2 versions installed, 5.2 has an issue with starter content so I switched to 5.1.1 but it takes so long to load, compiling shaders to be specific, compared to 5.2. Does anyone know how I can reduce the loading time in 5.1 and projects created in 5.2 incompatible with 5.1.1?

What is the starter content issue with 5.2?

Maps are not backwards compatible. Any map created in version X will be unable to be loaded in version X -1. I don’t think there are any other incompatibilities except for use of features that didn’t exist in a prior version.

Okay, so either I am missing something or it’s a bug. When I create a project using ‘minimal default’ map and make some changes and add some stuff, save it and open it again, it opens the blank template. The data and changes I did are still there but I have to load the ‘minimal default’ map again and open the blueprint tabs manually. Aren’t they supposed to open like the way I left them?

Happens in both 5.1 and 5.2.

There should be a note about that if you’re following the course. The engine will overwrite the contents of the StartContent folder in your project with the copy the engine has. So saving it as a different name or moving it outside of that folder should prevent it from being overwritten.

I’ve been told that no longer happens in 5.2.

No, it does happen in 5.2 and I’ve tried doing the name change and moving it into a new folder(in 5.2), but it still happens. I don’t know what’s happening.

Would you be able to show that somehow?

Created a black project

Couple of error messages regarding materials

Load minimal default map

Opened level editor.

Duplicated minimal default map and renamed it, moved it to a new folder(also tried creating a new folder in the content folder and moving it there). Loaded the renamed map, and saved it.

Closed UE and opened the project again.

This Blank template appears.

Opened Map and Level Blueprint manually.

I don’t think it should happen like that or did I do something wrong? The project should open like I left it before I closed it or is that a UE thing?

Oh right that’s not overwriting the level, thats just the default level when opening the project which is a project setting

Edit > Project Settings > Maps and Modes

And you can select the default game/editor level.

Okay but that’s a weird setting, I mean who would want to look at the blank template every time they open their project. Shouldn’t it be that way by default?

I don’t think so. What if you worked on that map? What if you then added another map for a main menu? How is Unreal supposed to automatically know which one you wanted to know which one you wanted to open to when you load the project?

Yeah, maybe because I’m just getting started in UE this feels off.

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