Unreal Engine Crashing

So I am currently on lesson 58. Formatting Fstrings and everything in unreal was working fine until I added this line of code into it ( look for highlighted code in the attached screenshot below). After that I could compile my code but not play my game. I know that this question has been posed before but I couldn’t find specific answers that were really helpful.

And just in case you need it, here is a screenshot of the unreal crash message

So I have sense come to the conclusion that this line of code is what is causing unreal to crash. If anyone here knows why this code is making unreal crash and can tell me what I need to change about it than I would really appreciate.
PrintLine(FString::Printf(TEXT(“The HiddenWord is: %s”), *HiddenWord));

Super::BeginPlay needs to be the first function to be called in BeginPlay as that is what sets the Terminal component PrintLine uses.

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