Unreal Engine Crash / after start script part

// Fill out your copyright notice in the Description page of Project Settings.

#include “BullCowCartridge.h”

void UBullCowCartridge::BeginPlay() // When the game starts



PrintLine("Hi there");


void UBullCowCartridge::OnInput(const FString& Input) // When the player hits enter



Assertion failed: Terminal [File:D:\Bullcow\BullCowGame-starter-kit\Source\BullCowGame\Console\Cartridge.cpp] [Line: 12] [BullCowCartridge]: No Terminal found

Deleted Binaries to Rebuild still crashing.

That would imply you added the component to an actor without the TerminalComponent.
If you go into Source > Console > Cartridge.cpp and change line 12 to be


to be


It should tell you what actor you attached it to that doesn’t have a terminal component.

Pointer to incomplete class not allowed

That should still compile.

Totally crashed now wont even start anymore,
btw In dont even have a C++ Tab in 4.25, had to find cubes and stuff to but found them in Actors.
Have to start from begin now.
Binary directory deleted and did not build no message just crash.
Going to try one more time spend like 16 hours now.
I did write some C# but this is different. Troubleshooting is harder with C++ as far as i can see.

It’s crashing because a null pointer is being dereferenced. It’s null because the component was attached to an actor without a terminal component also attached to it.

If you make the change I mentioned and compile it (deleting binaries would force a rebuild) then the crash log should tell you what actor you attached it to.

If you’re referring to creating a new project it’s now an option to select. You should see “Blueprint” in the final screen and clicking that gives you the option to choose C++.


Started new and need to fix

Got it running now after rebuilding from start

So you’re all good now then?