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Wil this course be updated for UE5 soon?


I am wondering the same thing. And if it wont be updated, can we follow the course from a UE5 project or did too much changed ? Is it small differences that I could manage finding on the web ?

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Yes because got from humble bundel what was a great deal bwt but is a bit confusing because all of them are unreal 5 expect this one.

These projects are simple enough that most things you are going to use have functional parity between UE4/UE5. The lighting is slightly different due to Lumen being introduced in UE5, but for the most part the key actors and settings are similar. The C++ portions are essentially identical. I haven’t run into anything yet in the code for these projects that was completely removed for UE5, although some classes have been deprecated.

There will be changes in the user interface between UE4 and UE5 and some changes to some blueprint functions and nodes but they aren’t so large that they can’t be solved with a quick google (or the help of your friendly TA :wink: ).

Plenty of students have already followed the Blueprints Course in UE5 and have documented issues (and solutions) where they encounter them. While I unfortunately don’t have anything to add regarding a remaster I will say the current course is doable in UE5.

Beyond simple UI changes, the biggest features people would want to buy the UE5 learning package this was sold under to learn, like Nanite and Lumen, will obviously not be considered in these lessons though?

I’d assume that some of the things taught here will be counterintuitive now, with the massive jumps advertised by these new features of UE5.


Nanite and Lumen each individually could have their own course other than how to enable/disable the features. Even then the course doesn’t really have anything that would take advantage of the features. Any updates would probably just be a passing comment on them and how to enable them - as it happens, Lumen is on as default for UE5 unless you upgrade a project from UE4.

As for the course features, no there isn’t any jump. The blueprint taught in this course is pretty much identical in UE5 and you would still do things the same way. This hasn’t changed too much between 4 and 5, additions of some functionality aside for the new features in UE5. One of the biggest changes I saw with blueprint is when you use mathematical operators (multiply for example) you can right-click on the input pins to change the type instead of having many different multiply operators available in the menu.

Bear in mind this a beginners course and so it is designed to teach you the basics only anyway, so a rework of the course probably wouldn’t move away from that too much.

Just in case, could I follow the course in UE4 and then move on to the course in UE5? Or i should start following this course with UE5

The course is designed for use with UE4 so it’s quite possible to start with UE4 and then move to UE5


Ok, thanks for that speed answer!

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