Unreal Engine 5 freezes while creating actor/pawn blueprint class

While learning the Unreal Course with C++ and Blueprints, I’m stuck at a point where I’m required create a sub-class for an actor. When I try to create the Blueprint the Unreal Engine software gets frozen. I need your help guys.

I tried to change the performance settings and clearing the temp files and everything. Nothing works. Tried to change versions, still same issue. I will attach the logs below.
Tried to create bp from Details pane of the actor and also tried to create from empty bp. Same issue.


[2024.01.22-21.20.43:307][406]LogActorComponent: UnregisterComponent: (/Game/Sphere2_Blueprint.Default__Sphere2_Blueprint_C:StaticMeshComponent0) Not registered. Aborting.
[2024.01.22-21.20.43:314][406]LogUObjectHash: Compacting FUObjectHashTables data took 0.57ms
[2024.01.22-21.20.43:334][406]LogAssetEditorSubsystem: Opening Asset editor for Blueprint /Game/Sphere2_Blueprint.Sphere2_Blueprint
[2024.01.22-21.20.43:335][406]LogChaos: FPhysicsSolverBase::AsyncDt:-1.000000
[2024.01.22-21.20.45:337][406]LogStall: Stall detector ‘UAssetEditorSubsystem::OpenEditorForAsset’ exceeded budget of 2.000000s, reporting…
[2024.01.22-21.20.46:140][406]LogStall: Stall detector ‘UAssetEditorSubsystem::OpenEditorForAsset’ report submitted, and took 0.049926s

Just an extension to the issue.
I tried creating an empty Blueprint class for an actor in UE 4.27 and it works. Not working in any of the UE 5 versions.

There’s not much documentation on this particular issue (it seems to be super rare) but a few things that come to mind.

If you have another hard drive that you can have your project stored in, see if the issue still occurs there. Otherwise, double-check that you aren’t experiencing hard drive failure (you can do this through tools like seagate’s seatools, hard drive manufacturer doesn’t matter)

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Hi Tuomo,

Thanks for your advise. As you suggested I have tried to start a new project in another Hard Drive. But its still having the same issue.
What I noticed this time is that whenever I tried to create a BP for an object already in the scene it is working. So the issue is only whenever I try to open an empty BP or create a BP for a newly created Actor.
It doesn’t actually make sense.
Tried the Seatools and it says “Short Self Test Passed”.

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