Unreal Editor doesn't deal well with bugs in the project

Hi there,
So while I was going over the lecture I went and wrote pretty much the exact same line of code later is written in the video, only I wrote it in OpenDoor’s constructor method.

Now, it made total sense that it would crush since the pawn is not created yet when it runs, but I was curious about the order in which the classes are being built, so I went with it anyway and built the project, which resulted in the unreal editor crushing violently, and then crushing again and again on restart.

The solution of course was to delete (or move) the line, rebuild the project and only then restart unreal editor.

Anyone else came across something like that? didn’t thought the unreal editor will be so sensitive :slight_smile:

The version I used btw was 4.13.2.

It really doesn’t like null pointers. That’s pretty much it. :wink:

Funny, I just ran into the same issue and spent an hour on Google trying to fix it.

Until now I didn’t realize I put the line to get the Pawn in the constructor instead of BeginPlay, so thanks a lot for that missing piece!

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