Unreal doesnt start after editing code

So , for the building escape game, ever since I have edited some code, unreal engine crashes saying unhandeld exception error on line 19 of header, but even when I comment out the code, ue4 still crashes, any help please?
Thank you

The issue could move elsewhere if you have that stuff in use or required elsewhere. If it still says unhandeld exception error on line 19 of header in the crash dialog after commenting then its not compiling the changes as it should be different if its commented (or you looked at it wrong).

Because you are using GetOwner()->. Having that code there is the same as putting it in the constructor, the owner doesn’t exist at that point so will return nullptr which you immediately dereference.

It sounds like you didn’t compile after doing that. Did you?

Thanks for the reply! How can I compile without unreal?

Update: when I tried to compile, it says " GameFramework/Actor.h: No such file or directory "

Open the workspace and use the build task

Ctrl + Shift + B > ProjectNameEditor Platform Development Build.

Where ProjectName is the name of your project and Platform is the platform you’re targeting e.g. Win64

Thanks for the help! I rebuilt the project with visual studio 2019, and now its working!

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