Unreal crashes everytime I click Play

It’s simple, everything is in the title. Since I closed unreal from the last lesson, everytime I want to test things, unreal crashes when I click Play.

I already tried on a blank project to see if clicking play works, and it does. So the problem is in some file in my building escape projet.

Any hints on this?


Try this:

  • Make sure there are no instances of Unreal Editor open (even with other projects)
  • Open the Visual Studio solution directly
  • Go to Debug – Start Debugging (or just press F5) and see if the debugger shows the location of the crash
  • If not, try setting a breakpoint in the first line of each of your BeginPlay() functions, then F5 again and walk the code to see if you can find the spot where the crash happens

Thanks, I already figured it out! I was trying to access a null pointer so
it crashed every time.

Thank you for the reply

Sébastien Lortie

Same occured to me. The null pointer was occuring because I forgot to set the Pressure Plate to TriggerVolume on my second door.

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