Unreal Course Redux 2019


The remaster of the Unreal course is underway - yippie!

Ask general questions here, plus I’ll be updating this topic with the latest.

The first step is to re-work section 1, focusing on cross platform install of Unreal and VS Code. I’ll also be working to help you understand the ecosystem better than before.

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Got VS Code working beautifully with Unreal engine. Nice and fast and cross-platform. I’m going to update the promotional video explaining the remaster as a first job, then I’ll start the install videos.


am total beginner i have take unreal course should i take remastery too… or finish this


VS Code on a Mac as well? :smiley:


Great looking forward to it!


I am in the same situation… :sweat_smile:




Could you give us a small run-down of what you did to make VS Code run like that? I’m an experienced programmer and starting on the Unreal course right now, but I rather use VS Code right out of the gate instead of using Xcode (I’m currently on a Mac). I’ve never in the past had a good experience using VS Code with Unreal before, so some small pre-release indication of what are the steps you took would be very helpful.

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Hi everyone, if you have any question on Windows stuff, let me know, I’ll try to help!

EDIT: Moving original text to correct thread…

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Hi! Are we going to use VS 2019 for the remastered course?


Yes, it’s working great on all 3 platforms and exactly how to set it up will be shipping in the new Section 1 which ships on Friday


I think it might be cool to start each project off, maybe right before the GDD, by showing a working version of roughly what the final project will look like. Visually seeing what we’re building ahead of time, could help with starting to plan out where and how to make a few changes along the way to make the project “ours”, if that makes sense. And it might provide some encouragement to work through it.

On the other hand, it isn’t very realistic to know ahead of time what you’ll end up with, so… :man_shrugging:


As far as I understood it and as far section 1 of the remaster tells the remastered course will just use VS Code (Visual Studio Code) to write C++.
The reason for this is cross platform I think.

If I should be wrong with what I said here, feel free to correct me. :slight_smile:

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As a PC user you’ll be able to follow in VS Code or VS Community 2019 (when we update section 1). Other platform users will be encouraged to use VS Code.


Hello, I’m going to begin the 3D Unity Course and in the setup section we are told to install Unity 2017 + Visual Studio 2017 as an IDE.

Do you guys advise me to stick with this IDE or can I (like in thr Unreal Remaster Course) install a Windows 10 Compiler, then VS Code 2019, then the C# extention in VS Code. And all that running with Unity 2019 ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers.


Hello, I wanted to know approximately when will the new remastered section is going to be uploaded? Thanks.


I am sure Ben and Gavin could create a video but during production the finished product doesn’t really exist yet. It is built and prototypes along the way. So at some later point a overview video would have to be created towards the end of the section


VS Code does not have a year version designation, it’s just “VS Code”, Visual Studio has a year version designation that aligns with the toolset version - VS 2015 = 140, VS 2017 = 141, VS 2019 = 142. My personal recommendation is to use Visual Studio 2019 (VS 2019) for all of the above, but you can absolutely do it with VS Code as well. The main difference is that VS Code is essentially a fancy text editor, Visual Studio (versions) is a fully featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Use whatever is most comfortable for you, but if you’re new and on Windows, you’ll get the best tools using the full VS IDE.


Hello there,

I just finished the brand new section 2 ! Should I continue with section 4 (Bulls & Cows) or jump straight to section 5 (Building Escape)?

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