Unreal Course Idea = AikidoDojo

In the Unreal course, I would like to see if you could do a online multiplayer game. So for this course idea, I will give you my suggestions and what I want to see.

There are a lot of games in unreal, mainly 3D ones. What I am asking is to make a multiplayer fighting game that involves martial arts. The reason I chose martial arts is because guns (pew pew) is already a thing in BattleTank and TestingGrounds, and because it uses a lot of Unreal’s functions. The game should include:

A full menu GUI, including a store, matchmaking, and a vanity section (to use what you purchased in the store)

A currency system that you can use to buy items

Multiplayer servers which you can connect and fight people real time.

Complex Collision and Hit/Hurt boxes

3 Game modes: 1v1, Training, and 2v2

A Matchmaking system based on ELO a rating based on wins and losses: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system)

Different moves and combinations, like punches, kicks, and the occasional dude who hulk smashes

AI that can actually do something

and finally: A LOT OF FUN

Thank you for your time to read this suggestion.

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Don’t forget to spell out what “ELO” is, or this course might never be made.

Yeah, that sounds like a course I’d be interested in. A lot of those ideas are applicable to my project.

Thank you. Sorry for not checking earlier, but what improvements would you make to this course idea, so I can continue to refine it.

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