Unreal c++ - Physics Constraint Actor does not change location while in use

I have connected two Actors with a PhysicsConstraintActor. The Actors behave physically correct when they are in the game and the PhysicsConstraintActor works fine.

As I am interested in the connection of the two Actors during the game, I need the location and rotation of the PhysicsConstraintActor, every tick.

But if I check the location and the rotation of the PhysicsConstraintActor in the game, I notice that both do not change!???!!!

Can this be or am I missing something??

Thank you in advance,

And how are you doing that? Don’t you mean the components of the physics constraint actor?

Hey DanM,

In the editor, I place two actors (like cubes) and a PhysicsConstraintActor into the world. In the Details Tab of the PhysicsConstraintActor, I select the two existing actors to be the ones who should be concerned.
Then in c++, I find these three actors in the world and watch their location and rotation change after I start the game. The two cubes change their location and orientation nicely but the PhysicsConstraintActor not. I expected somehow that the PhysicsConstraintActor kind of moves along with one of the two other actors.

But today I found out that I simply have to attach the PhysicsConstraintActor in the editor to the first cube. If I then start the game, the PhysicsConstraintActor is changing location and rotation.

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