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I wanted to get some understanding. I have already enrolled in Unreal C++ course and I am C++ programer with over a decade of experience. I want to find out if the Unreal C++ course teaches enough Blueprint that I can use it to do simple things in the game I am planning to create or should I also purchase the Unreal Blueprint Course to learn blueprints ?


The C++ course does use blueprint. Some things just have too much boilerplate in C++ or hard to work on without visualising it.
So essentially all the main logic in C++ and exposing it to blueprint where it makes sense to make our lives easier.

@Tuomo_T is probably better suited to answer this question however.

Thanks @DanM!

As was said, the C++ course does use some Blueprints as both a necessity and a small showcase of a workflow.

The Blueprints course does a good job of showing what you can do with Blueprints, though. So it would be a good idea if you find yourself struggling, and it does go into areas of UE that are more suited for Blueprints like Animation Blueprints.

@DanM and @Tuomo_T Thank you for answering the question. I went ahead and enrolled in the Blueprints course as well .

That’s great to hear!

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