Unreal 5!

When is this course going to be updated to unreal 5. I am so disappointed.

Hi there,
Even if it was updated, the content wouldn’t change much as what is in this course, especially so for the third section, is very much relevant and the same. The course materials probably wouldn’t touch the UE 5 specific features simply because it is a beginners course.

Saying that, there I’m not sure if there are plans to update this course but it takes time so it could be a while. There are also 2 blueprint based courses for first and third person games, the latter uses metahumans and both are UE5 based.

So, unfortunately can’t give you a time line for any changes to the course however and is not the answer you’re probably hoping for. It is worth looking at these new courses.

It should be noted anything you learn in 4 does translate to 5 and there are only a few differences between the version. This does mean anything you learn is relevant.


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