Unreal 5 Stealth Combat: Make Stealth Games in UE5 Blueprint_Audio (Alarm Setup)


I am currently on the Audio section of the course (Alarm Setup). What I have noticed is in the video, the instructor, after setting up the audio for the alarm, will press play and the you can hear the audio. This is without the MS_Alarm Meta Sound Source in the scene. If I do this, I don’t hear anything unless I drop the MS_Alarm into my scene. My question would be, did I miss something? The instructor clearly deletes the MS_Alarm from the scene and audio still plays. Thanks in advance.

You use SpawnSoundAtLocation (at around 5:00, where fire is assigned to it) and then assign the meta sound to it which is done at around 9:30 in the video. You definitely do not have to add the sound to the scene to have it play. You want to play it via the blueprint. I guess if it was music in a loop, dragging into the scene works.

Thank you for getting back to me. This was very helpful, it works now.

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