Unreal 5 or Unreal 4

Hi there, I’m currently doing my course on unreal engine, Being totally new to this game dev environment I had my research (Basically google search and YouTube to be honest :sweat_smile: ) I just found out that epic games has just released the early access of unreal engine 5 but the course is all done in unreal engine 4 so should I do my course work in unreal 5 or should I do as what our course instructors do i.e unreal 4.
(part of coding Knowledge is consider I know C++ very well So no issue in that, just in case )

I would recommend UE 4.26 - you’ll encounter differences but UE5 is a very early beta and there will be even more differences. Unless you already know your way around Unreal, it might cause additional confusion. Additionally, the lumen light system is quite machine intensive and I’ve seen the frame rate drop to 7fps at times with it switch on.

I would stick with 4.26.2 for now as it’s solid and reliable and mostly the same as what is used in the course. Any differences will probably be resolved in the Q&A.

I agree with beegeedee for those new to programming and stick strictly to the course.

But after installing UE5, I quickly removed UE4. Its so niiiice! Starts up fast even on a HDD :open_mouth:

Ran the base bulls and cows and it worked well.

At least to me its not as uninviting. You know UE4 has its problems too. You just have to know that you can cope with whatever you use. You won’t know that without development experience.

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Even with those who are familiar (been using UE for about 3 years now, at least) it is a step change.

I’m playing with it but continuing with 4.26 for now because most people will be doing that.

We don’t know what is different course-wise and the new lighting, while fantastic, causes massive heat issues in my PC when running anything involved and is slower. You can turn it off but it’s something else you have to do.

Unless you’re away to create a massive environment and have a modest high-end graphics card, stick with 4.26. A 1060Ti, which I have, isn’t quite powerful enough - ideally a 2070 or 3060ti is probably needed minimum. Now, to be fair I’m running at 4K resolution so 30fps is not bad (most of the time) but consider these factors.

Also, there’s bugs with upgrading to 5 from 4.26 and the C++ typically doesn’t compile. BP is fine.

Back up if you’re gonna upgrade and expect issues. It is a preview only after all and not going to be released for at least 6 months.

Works for me. If it doesn’t for you its fine :wink:

Tried something. Took the converted project and deleted the intermediate and binaries and VS project. It works fine now.

Would still recommend 4 over 5 for beginners following the course because of differences in the UI for starters, and unknown code differences, as nice as UE5 looks.

Don’t get me wrong. I agree with what you’re saying. Its just not all people need be under that umbrella just as you have it installed.

If a person knows that they can deal with it then that is a determining factor.

I think it would be better for me to continue as the course do , coz it would be better to learn more of game development work rather than just banging my head on the wall to learn the new UI because this will eventually slow down my game dev progress. Ya but thanks for the suggestions.

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